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I'm Danielle, creator of Flourish Fitness and Nutrition, I am here to empower YOU to release diet culture and incorporate positive lifestyle changes through education, inspiration, and community. 

Danielle Vanase Health Coach

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Flourish with D

Nutrition Education

Basics of nutrition and macros/portion control

Learn how to incorporate sustainable nutrition habits and meals into their life

Flourish with D

Mindset Work

We'll start at the root (aka mindset) and introduce affirmations and positive habit change practices

Flourish with D

Fitness Programming

We provide fitness programming and group custom workouts

Flourish with D

Actionable Steps

We provide actionable steps, tangible tools (worksheets, problem solving, prompts), and habit-building training

The Mission

Our mission is to empower women to  flourish in the bodies they are in while celebrating all they are capable of being by eliminating diet culture, introducing positive lifestyle changes, and developing sustainable habits.

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What Clients Say

"Through this program, I was reminded that the most important things I can do for myself are to keep showing up/stay consistent, but to also be KIND TO MYSELF, when I’m not 100% on track."

Sarah H

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