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Read What Clients Are Saying

In my (too) short time working with Danielle I learned many things, and remembered many more. 

Working with Danielle not only reminded me of the basics on fueling my body, but she opened my eyes to some key areas where I was lacking and depriving my body of important nutrients, therefore making other areas of my life harder in turn. Danielle helped me start lifelong habits that I thought I would hate (tracking macros!!!) but were detrimental to kickstarting better eating habits in my daily life, as a busy vegetarian mom of two toddlers! I thought I knew all of the tips and tricks to sneaking protein into a meatless diet, but I learned that I really was lacking in that area, and walking away from this experience I am taking with me a lot of new knowledge about EASY healthier choices, because prioritizing myself does not have to be hard!

- Sarah H

I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I am so glad I saw that post for the program you were doing. I truly thought I’d give up but I love seeing you and your workouts are awesome!! I feel sooo much better and I enjoy going to the gym again. I stepped on the scale and the highest weight I was was 168 I am now 159. Thank you, thank you *Kiss face*

- Karen V

If you are thinking about seeing someone to get you feeling better then this is your sign to do it. Coach D has been nothing but great and encouraging. SHE GETS IT! She’s a mom, a woman, and someone who also lives life outside of fitness. We all struggle but having a coach who understands things you go through is rare and a blessing.

- Ashley

I started the online nutrition coaching with Danielle (Coach D!!) in October of 2022.  I had done so many different programs prior to this one, that always gave me a quick fix, however, that fix never lasted. I didn’t realize until I found Coach D’s program that the fix never lasted because I was missing the all important mental component to making myself healthy. My success now is of course due to workouts and figuring out my macros, but more importantly, it is due to weekly affirmations and check ins and knowing that my coach is always there for me. Coach D has motivated me to consistently get my at home workouts done and to tweak my program to better set me up for success moving forward. I truly feel that I have found that fix that will stay with me!!

- Kelly O

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